Kenna James' Championship Poker

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What is preventing you from becoming a poker champion? The answer is in the question, and in a word, it’s YOU! Oftentimes we get in our own way of accomplishing something really great. Championship poker is about confronting personal challenges that stand between you and your goal.

That’s why Kenna James developed his new course, "Championship Poker! How to go from a Chump to a Champ.” In this very special course, Kenna breaks down the decision-making process step by step and shares techniques he’s developed throughout his career. These techniques are designed to help you keep a clear mind, play in present time, and reach a positive result. The series concludes with some actual hand histories and a quiz to see how your decisions match up with those Kenna made in one of his recent top 3 finishes.

One challenge this course confronts, setting it apart from others, is facing the fear of what we don’t know. The course takes the time to clarify and explain the concepts and principles behind winning poker. “It’s hard to play with confidence when you’re stuck in confusion,” says Kenna James. “In this course I simplify and clarify concepts, starting with the very basic mechanics of the game, and take you right on through to stepping into the winners’ circle!”

In the past 20 years, Kenna James has won over 20 championships and has had over 200 tournament cashes.   He shows no signs of slowing down either, most recently final tabling the WSOP No-Limit Holdem Shootout event.

As a poker and life coach, Kenna James usually reserves his secrets for his private students.  The course contains those secrets:  nearly 4 hours of video (including one bonus advanced video), and 8 supplementary PDF files (plus 3 bonus PDF files) to refer to, taken from Kenna's personal coaching repertoire.


Kenna's usual hourly rate for private coaching is $200/hr, so the whole course will cost you the same as just 2 hours of private lessons!


INTRO (3 minutes)

Basic Mechanics (32 minutes)

Advancing Mechanics (40 minutes)

Playing Techniques and Standards (72 minutes)

Championship Decision Making (36 minutes)

The Winner's Circle (42 minutes)

BONUS:  Advanced Concepts and Techniques (29 minutes)


2 and 4 Principle

Challenging Poker Situations

Bet Types and Sizing

Training Workouts

Notes on Winning and Losing

Scale of Values

Poker Champ or Chump

Pre-Flop Hand Summary

BONUS: Poker Winning and Losing Streaks

BONUS: Hand Range Pyramid

BONUS: Twenty-One Poker Principles

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(7 ratings)
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Kenna James' Championship Poker

7 ratings
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